That was fun – The Fox and Friends – Summer Camp Journey

Lights, camera, action… or maybe it is more like… don’t sleep, set up in the rain, move the trailer a couple of times for security reasons and from there it was a watch and see what happens! It was a really cool experience to be on the Fox and Friends show! The entire team there is awesome, the hosts were awesome and Gregg Hunter with the Christian Camp and Conference Association did a great job painting a picture of the Power of Camp!
Seeing the other camps represented, River Valley RanchCharacter Camp and Lake Ann Camp and how everyone worked together is so cool! At a CCCA event I heard fellow camp director Ron Mackey say “Even if all of our camps were full everyday there would still be many kids and families to reach” I think of that statement often as I consider the camping ministry and the fact that we are here to serve one another, so being able to represent the greater camping family was exciting.
As I reflect on the day…
  • It was great to see kids having fun and our students doing what they do best – building friendships and talking to them about spiritual matters. They did awesome today – I am proud of each of you!
  • It was great to see the hosts get involved –  I don’t know how they do it… live TV is wild and everything is a moving piece!
  • It was great to see Tommy and Carrie Sewall be able to do the segment together and our Florida Camp Karate Elective get featured! I had no idea I would be talking karate today – the original plan was for outdoor programming:) Like I said- it changes quickly.
  • It was cool to have a dedicated landing microsite for this event – check it out and join the fun:
Today though for me was another huge reminder… as we did those segments today and over 2 million watched and thousands walked past us… our work is not done! We need to with be committed to the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ and Youth and Family Camps is a great tool for sharing that news!
Here are a few highlights from today for me:
Tommy Sewall and I with Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Host
Roger and Elisabeth - Blog
Tommy Sewall and I with Greg Hunter – CEO of CCCA
Roger and Tommy - Blog
Climbing Wall with 
Tower - Blog
Video Segments on Fox and Friends – this are on their site:

Defining open communication…

Information is power… you can almost guarantee if you read or listen to any leadership spokesman you will hear them talk about it. I have been in situations where I have been given information freely and information as been withheld. Honestly there are times I find information helpful and there are times I wish I knew nothing. Either way I have responsibility to deal properly with it.
We all love open communication… what does that mean? To help clarify here are a couple of interesting things to consider.
Definitions of open and communication according to “Google”
  • Open: allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up”
  • Communication: “the imparting or exchanging of information or news”
Roger’s combined definition of open communication:
  • “Providing all accessible information in a truthful, unbiased, timely fashion to any vested or interested parties”
To Share or not to share that is the question?
Share  – If you are in leadership and serving others you must share these type of things often with clarity and conviction.
  • Vision
  • Direction
  • Decisions
  • Useful Information
  • Empowering
  • Encouraging
  • Equipping
Not to Share

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Encouraging your team! Learning to express thankfulness…

You want to see someone excited about their work and have a smile while working – keep them encouraged! I know we could talk about having a clear plan, priorities, position and pay… but I want to focus on simply being a leader who encourages.
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”William Arthur Ward
As a leader, manager, supervisor or anyone who works with people being thankful for them is one thing, expressing it is another! Take time to encourage those you serve with. Everyday I have to work on this personally… I am very grateful for the people I have the privilege to serve with! In fact I serve alongside some of the smartest, most creative and highly productive people you will ever meet but sometimes I get lost in the actionable steps and forget the most important actionable steps are to say “Thank-you” or what I appreciate about the team member.

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You don’t have to fix everything!

“It’s a  guy thing”…. we have to fix everything. In my younger days(whatever that means) I felt the urge to fix everything. If I saw a problem I had to jump right in, be the hero… save the day. Well the older I get… still pretty young in my mind but none the less, older I am getting. I realize I can’t, don’t have to, and won’t be able to fix everything. (BTW-this is still a daily battle)

These questions of late keep resurfacing.
  • Why am I  arrogant enough to believe I can fix it?
  • Who told me I had to fix everything?
  • Why do I feel like I must be the hero of the day?
  • Whats to say my fixing is what is needed?
  • Does the person or organization even want it fixed?
I am reminded daily that I have the power to change nothing… only God can change people, plans and problems. Yes, we have a responsibility to work hard, to deal with problems, serve people and to plan, those are all important items. What I am really talking about is – being self-reliant, deceived to think we are the great fixer-uppers, people solving, problem solving gurus. When in reality we have nothing to offer ourselves, but we have a God who can!
So, my “fixing” if you will must be in Jesus, through Jesus and all about Jesus!
When compelled to “fix” something take a few moments and ask these questions.
  • What am I really trying to accomplish here? Am I looking to Glorify Jesus and make it about Him… or is this about me?
  • Have I prayed about this and asked is this about me or about Jesus being Glorified?
  • Do I need to just rest in the Lord and let Him lead in the situation and lead in me?
  • If it is in my workplace, church or community involvement is this even mine to try and fix? Have I been asked to get involved? (yes, I know that sometimes it takes someone standing up and leading, but we all can admit to jumping in ahead of God)
  • Have I taken time to really listen and learn, or am I just trying to fix it?
  • Maybe, just maybe Jesus doesn’t want me to fix it, because He is working on fixing me.
I am so compelled to fix things daily, but each day Jesus is “fixing” me to the reality that He is all I need, my problems need, the people I interact with need and He holds the plans. Why, because Colossians 3:1-3 is a great reminder that I am in Jesus, my thoughts and actions should be about Jesus, and my life is hidden in Jesus! Notice it does not include me… just Jesus!
It is abundantly clear, Jesus doesn’t need me to fix anything… He has it all under control!
So, whatever you are trying to “fix”… might be time to stop.

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