That was fun – The Fox and Friends – Summer Camp Journey

Lights, camera, action… or maybe it is more like… don’t sleep, set up in the rain, move the trailer a couple of times for security reasons and from there it was a watch and see what happens! It was a really cool experience to be on the Fox and Friends show! The entire team there is awesome, the hosts were awesome and Gregg Hunter with the Christian Camp and Conference Association did a great job painting a picture of the Power of Camp!
Seeing the other camps represented, River Valley RanchCharacter Camp and Lake Ann Camp and how everyone worked together is so cool! At a CCCA event I heard fellow camp director Ron Mackey say “Even if all of our camps were full everyday there would still be many kids and families to reach” I think of that statement often as I consider the camping ministry and the fact that we are here to serve one another, so being able to represent the greater camping family was exciting.
As I reflect on the day…
  • It was great to see kids having fun and our students doing what they do best – building friendships and talking to them about spiritual matters. They did awesome today – I am proud of each of you!
  • It was great to see the hosts get involved –  I don’t know how they do it… live TV is wild and everything is a moving piece!
  • It was great to see Tommy and Carrie Sewall be able to do the segment together and our Florida Camp Karate Elective get featured! I had no idea I would be talking karate today – the original plan was for outdoor programming:) Like I said- it changes quickly.
  • It was cool to have a dedicated landing microsite for this event – check it out and join the fun:
Today though for me was another huge reminder… as we did those segments today and over 2 million watched and thousands walked past us… our work is not done! We need to with be committed to the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ and Youth and Family Camps is a great tool for sharing that news!
Here are a few highlights from today for me:
Tommy Sewall and I with Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Host
Roger and Elisabeth - Blog
Tommy Sewall and I with Greg Hunter – CEO of CCCA
Roger and Tommy - Blog
Climbing Wall with 
Tower - Blog
Video Segments on Fox and Friends – this are on their site:

Why I believe in Camp!!

I remember it clearly January of 1994, I was excited, nervous, didn’t know what to expect, but yet confident God was going to do something! This was my first experience with a Word of Life camp… Snow Camp! I was student at the Word of Life Bible Institute and I was going to be counseling a group of 10 campers! What an amazing experience… and that experience still is happening today!



Last night at the Snow Camp Rally…  watching students come forward to receive Christ as their personal Savior brought it all back! So much so, I said to a good friend, man I wish I could just be a counselor for camp all over again! Why do I love camp?


  • Fun – It is just plain fun!
  • Energy – When ever you get hundreds of campers/students together there is energy!
  • Music – I love hearing them all sing at the top of their lungs to Jesus!
  • Dramas – This year our drama team has put together an incredible storyline of some heros… but who is the ultimate hero – Jesus!
  • Activities – walk around the camp property for just a few moments and you will see people everywhere having a blast!
  • Counselors – watching young men and women diving into the lives of campers is a moving experience! Seeing them open the Word of God and share truth about God’s Word will change their lives!
  • Rallies – Upbeat, fast paced, strategically thought through meetings! All for the purpose of having fun, Glorifying God and opening the Word of God!
  • Powerful Preaching – Word of Life is committed to the power of the Word of God and sharing the Word in a dynamic way! Seeing the Word taught to students makes my heart pound with Joy!
  • Response-  I cannot think of anything more exciting than watching campers respond to the Gospel or dedicating their lives completely to Jesus!
  • Changed Lives – camp, because of its high impact and laser focus produces changed lives! Fun, Program, music, dramas and powerful preaching all masterfully pulled together by the Holy Spirit of God changes lives!
  • Answered Prayer – we spend months praying for the campers who will be with us… when they respond and have a blast at camp, we see God answering prayer!


These are just a few reasons why I love camp and believe in it! If you want to see your young person have an experience of a lifetime then send them to camp! Trust me, you will not regret the effort and energy it takes to bring them! We hope to see you here! Maybe you have a few more reasons you would like to add?