Who is really learning here – My take away from Parent – Teacher Conferences

Today I posted about the fact that I had parent/teacher conferences at our children’s school… to protect the innocent I will not mention which child or any teachers:) Besides this is not about them, but me and what I have learned.

I am always impressed with the teachers and how tactful and professional they are, so this is not about the people but the process and some simple things I have learned as a Dad. Maybe these will help you when you have your next P/T conference.

  • Be willing to listen and evaluate what is said and not just defend your child(at times you might need to, but most of the time not). James 1:19/Proverbs 26:4 

o   Our children are not perfect,  in fact far from it… so they will make mistakes

o   Listen to what the teacher is saying, they are with our children more than we realize.

o   Give the teacher the benefit of the doubt; they want to see our children succeed!

  • Be willing to admit that you might just be part of the problem! Proverbs 26:12

o   When they are sharing, do you hear a description of yourself?

o   Are our children only modeling what they see and hear at home?

o   Learn from the process, take notes and see what areas you need to improve in so you can better help your child.

o   Understand what areas they are struggling with in school and more than likely there is a pattern at home.

o   You will never take anyone somewhere you have not been yourself, so… step and learn from it so our children do not have to learn the hard way. Of course on this matter I am speaking from experience!


Children are a blessing from the Lord, at the end of the day it the responsibility of Dad and Mom to be sure their children are learning… but they will never be challenged to grow and learn if we are not doing the same.


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