Supporting your Spouse!

Let me ramble for just a moment here! I happen to be a very happily married man, who is very proud of his wife! She has been for some time taking a Zumba Class, she loves it and has enjoyed staying in great shape as a result. This weekend she is in NH getting her Instructor Certificate, and I am so excited for her! I was thinking about this some tonight and thought I would share some of my thoughts about supporting your spouse.

Express Your Support – Continually share with your spouse how proud of them you are, build them up with words. We have the opportunity to encourage our spouses to do great things for the Lord and for others. With Cathy, she really wants to be more involved with the community, she enjoys seeing people change their lives both spiritually but also physically… getting in shape for example. So my response should be.. You can do this! How can I help you, I know you will do a great job! Keep up the good work! You are make me proud to be your husband.

Exercise Your Support – Don’t just use words… get off the couch, your chair or whatever and do something about it. Supporting is more then just words, it is also action. When they are involved in a new adventure, trying to maintain something, rebuild something, taking on a particularly hard task… being a parent, spouse, grandparent… you know what your spouse is trying to accomplish (if not, well you better figure it out soon:)) get involved and help where you can. Nothing speaks louder then your actions! Of course, do not invite yourself to a party that you are not invited too… but I can almost guarantee that if your spouse is hard at work at something… your help will be welcomed!

Enjoy their Successes – Celebrate when they accomplish their goal, don’t get jealous… or try to take the credit! Celebrate and enjoy their success with them! Be quick to give God the Glory, but rejoice with them when the goal is complete!

What do you think? What are some ways you support your spouse?

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